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ON★PATROL is a quarterly magazine recognizing the sacrifice of our service men and women. It features inspirational stories, demonstrates the importance of military support, and provides information and resources for our troops.

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ON★PATROL is about those who serve, and those who serve them. ON★PATROL shares the stories that all Americans should hear, taking readers on a journey through the rich history of our military and the organizations that support them both here at home or in far-flung outposts overseas.

The magazine features individuals from every branch, so you will find the topics you love whether that's the Air Force or Coast Guard. From inspiring stories shared through the combat journals of soldiers to insights gained from interviews with veterans, we relay compelling stories about the life and times of our troops.

With a wide range of articles reflecting the global reach of support for our troops, ON★PATROL is a quarterly publication accessible via subscription through both print media and online. Join us online to subscribe to our mailing list and gain access to our blog, magazine archives and the USO newsletter.